createVacation Event not taking Temperature settings.

I am having an issue with the 'createVacation' event. The event is created in the ecobee, but the ecobee seems to ignore the temperature settings I have sent. I have double checked and verified that the temperatures are within the preferences range.

It seems to automatically set the hold temperatures to the minimum allowed settings withing the preferences range.

Below is the post URL I am using : (thermostat Id has been scrubbed) {"functions": [{"params": {"startDate": "2016-03-31", "coolHoldTemp": 75, "heatHoldTemp": 70, "endDate": "2016-03-31", "name": "EOM - Office", "startTime": "18:30:00", "endTime": "23:00:00", "isOccupied": 1}, "type": "createVacation"}], "selection": {"selectionMatch": "????????????", "selectionType": "thermostats"}}
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