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I am looking to buy an ecobee thermostat mainly because of the API available to query the thermostat's data. But, I want to make sure I can access the data, and that the data is in a format I can work with. Is there a demo project I can connect to and run a few queries?

I ultimately want to be able to synchronize the data for each sensor on my ecobee thermostats with my own database. Thank you for your time.


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  • Hi Ricky,

    We do not have demo accounts that you can make test queries on. This is primarily because our authentication model is using OAuth tokens, so each test client would need to generate its own valid tokens against the demo account. Also, a demo account would not be useful without a real thermostat on the other end providing a data stream.

    That being said, the format of our data is very simple (CSV) and the details regarding sensor data are captured in our documentation here

    I hope this helps.
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