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Ecobee 3 (and later) direct thermostat publishing to MQTT broker of sensor & status data (preferably subscribing as well for remote control)

I would like to see an option in the Ecobee 3 thermostats, and beyond, where an MQTT broker could be configured to at least publish sensor data and status information out to the specified broker (with the option of secured/unsecured connections) directly from the thermostat itself - not via the API. This would allow for home automation systems to use the data for monitoring, rules-based logic for other devices, etc... at the LAN level. Especially in wake of the issues that has been having over the last month or two that has caused data logging issues, integration issues with IFTTT, etc... The ability of the thermostats to publish directly to a local (or even WAN based) MQTT broker could alleviate these issues and provide a local LAN approach to home automation vs WAN only solutions - such as the API. Publishing at a minimum but subscribing would be a plus - effectively allowing control over the thermostat as well - effectively a LAN based API implementation. And just to clarify - this should include any remote ecobee sensors connected to the thermostat.
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