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Ecobee Not Sending "Change Filter" Emails

I have had an ecobee3 for several years now. For the last few months, though, I've stopped getting "Change filter" reminder emails. The "Change filter" reminder will appear on the device itself and on the web interface when you login, but I don't get any emails about it. However, I do get emails from ecobee about "Auxiliary Heat Runtime" and "Remote Sensor Not Detected" so it's not that I don't get any emails at all. I've checked spam and I've added a second email address, but none of that worked.

I reported this issue through ecobee customer service, but they weren't able to help and, frankly, didn't seem to take it seriously as a bug. They blamed the internet for eating the emails because they claimed their console showed the emails being sent. Well, maybe the internet is very selectively eating only this one type of ecobee email, but I think that seems unlikely.

Does anyone here have any idea what the problem might be here?
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