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Ecobee Switch+ API Plans

Looking for details on the planned API from employees on the Switch+. I'm excited about a < $100 multi-purpose sensor installed in every room and am hoping the software developers have considered:

Say you have a house with 50+ switches... While pushing all events to the cloud is great, the application of these sensors to a true 'smart home' where you use data from the built-in motion sensors and light-level sensors in a 'real-time' fashion to augment other lighting loads, scene controls, shades, etc., is not going to work with a poll-based API at 30 minute intervals.

On potential solution is to allow for a LAN-based reporting IP where all state changes are transmitted in addition to the Cloud collectors. This would allow Control4, Lutron, SmartThings, and Vantage-type systems to consume this lan data and use it as part of the integrated smart-home controls.

A second option is to sell a 'lan-device' that consumes this data and provides a stream-connection to a smart-hub where all events are reported and state is cached. This, too, would be a good solution.

Ultimately, I envision a smart-home where all motion, temperature, light-level, and noise level events are fed into a heuristic model based on a 'training set' to make your home think for you without having to manually program in every detail...

Can anyone from Ecobee comment on your strategy in this area?
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