Ecobee thermostat temperature rounding.

What rounding mechanism do you use in displaying the temperature on the thermostat?
Is it floor/ceil/round?
For example, if the temperature is 716
Should it be ceil:72F?
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  • Hi,

    There are two methods of rounding, one for canonical F and one for C when the thermostat is in that mode.

    For F, the rounding is to the closest value. In your case, 716 canonical will be rounded to 72F. All our temperatures are stored as canonical F (F * 10) internally and on the server. If the value was 713 it would round to 71F.

    For C, when a user sets a set point in C, the thermostat converts this to F and then rounds it to the nearest value as above. When displaying C, the thermostat rounds to the nearest 0.5 degree C. The rounding is 0.25 < 0.75 round to the half degree and >= 0.75 round to the next degree.
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