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EMS List Sets Issue

I am developing an application to work with EMS accounts.

In my EMS account, on the web dashboard I can see 1 folder that I named, which has 12 thermostats in it, so that part is fine.

Next, I can also go to 'My Apps' and see my app I am developing listed there. Under the app it says that this app can both view / modify the settings and data in my account. I oauthed my app with the same login I use for my EMS portal, so this all seems to make sense as well.

The problem occurs when I do a request to
/hierarchy/set' from my authorized application.

I do:
operation: "list",
setPath: "/",
recursive: true,
includeThermostats: true,
includePrivileges: true

and I get back:
"sets": [
"children": [],
"setName": "My Sets",
"setPath": "/",
"thermostats": []
"status": {
"code": 0,
"message": ""

Since I oauth with the same account (the account that has permission to the one node in the tree) and my app shows up on my portal, why do I not see the name of my 1 folder in "children" above?

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