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equipmentStatus not showing reality

Since yesterday, equipmentStatus on the API is totally out of sync with reality.
I see the same result in the Android app and on the ecobee web interface.
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  • Here is the history of email sent to ecobee support:

    Since this morning (Feb 15) at 2:00am at least, the api is not always reporting the proper equipment running. It is sometimes reporting equipment that is running as not and at other times it is reporting equipment not running as currently running.

    The same symptom is also seen on Android app. My thermostat and equipment appears to be running normally.
    Downloading the .csv file for today from the Ecobee web interface, I see that the thermostat was showing the following System Modes:

    00:00:00 - 03:00:00 : compressorHeatOff
    03:05:00 - 05:35:00 : compressorHeatStage1On (smart recovery)
    05:40:00 - 08:15:00 : compressorHeatOff
    08:20:00 - 09:05:00 : compressorHeatStage1On
    09:10:00 - 11:30:00 : compressorHeatOff
    11:35:00 - 12:15:00 : compressorHeatStage1On
    12:20:00 - 12:40:00 : compressorHeatOff

    And I can actually corroborate this information with a temperature sensor I have installed at the output of the furnace, there was heat generated by the furnace when the heatpump was identified as running.

    Now, I have a perl script running every 15 minutes to perform all sorts of automated tasks by talking to the ecobee api and it relies indirectly on the equipment status for decision taking. Looking at the logs for the same period as above, I see the following:

    00:00:00 - 04:15:00 :
    04:30:00 - 05:30:00 : fan,heatpump
    05:45:00 - 11:45:00 :

    As you can see, the fan&heatpump did not register as running between 03:05 and 04:30. Same thing for the other two periods of roughly 45 minutes each when my script ran every 15 minutes during the whole time.

    This used to work perfectly until yesterday (Feb 15) around 2 am.

    There was also a case yesterday between 06:27 and 07:58 when the heatpump was not running according to the csv file while the API information was reporting fan+heatpump running.
    More cases of discrepancies since the last email. Cases where it is in sync are not listed for simplicity.

    2018-02-16 21:16:08 Equipment running: [20:55 - 21:35 comp running]

    2018-02-16 23:31:20 Equipment running: [23:20 - 01:05 comp running]
    2018-02-16 23:46:26 Equipment running:
    2018-02-17 00:01:26 Equipment running:
    2018-02-17 00:16:25 Equipment running:
    2018-02-17 00:31:35 Equipment running:
    2018-02-17 00:46:32 Equipment running:

    2018-02-17 02:32:01 Equipment running: dehumidifier,fan [02:20 - 03:20 comp running]
    2018-02-17 02:47:00 Equipment running: dehumidifier,fan
    2018-02-17 03:02:01 Equipment running: dehumidifier,fan
    2018-02-17 03:17:05 Equipment running: dehumidifier,fan

    2018-02-18 01:48:54 Equipment running: fan [01:35 - 05:50 comp running]
    2018-02-18 02:04:05 Equipment running: fan

    I did not focus on other equipment, just heating (comp, aux1, aux2) but I suppose it is the same thing for fan and dehumidifier.
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