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Frost Control Dehum and HRV

Frost Control should be enabled/selectable for the dehumidifier function at a minimum. Frost on windows is created by high humidity in homes when the outside temp is cold. Being able to set frost control using a dehumidifier or the HRV/ERV makes even more sense to me than for a humidifier in my opinion.

When you consider energy efficient homes and windows, especially with Canadian climate, the issue is now that homes are holding humidity in the winter. The new building code also requires that all homes now have mechanical ventilation. It actually makes more sense to enable an HRV/ERV/ventilator humidistat control instead of a timer and allow the Frost Control algorithm to be selected. That would really make a huge difference in any home in northern climates.

Just starting out with dev on Ecobee 4. Hope to get some good feedback on this.

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