Functions returns success but nothing changes

When sending any function call I get back a success status code but nothing seems to happen. For example, I set a Hold using the web interface. Then try to reset it using:

Authorization: Bearer xxxx
Accept: application/json;charset=UTF-8

'function' : [{'type':'resumeProgram'}],
'selection': { 'selectionType':'registered', 'selectionMatch':'' }

I get back:
"status": {
"code": 0,
"message": ""

But the web interface continues to show the hold and when I query events I see the hold there:

"events": [
"type": "hold",
"name": "Hold",
"running": true,
"startDate": "2014-08-07",
"startTime": "11:57:39",
"endDate": "2014-08-07",
"endTime": "15:58:09",
"isOccupied": false,
"isCoolOff": false,
"isHeatOff": false,
"coolHoldTemp": 606,
"heatHoldTemp": 606,
"fan": "auto",
"vent": "off",
"ventilatorMinOnTime": 5,
"isOptional": true,
"isTemperatureRelative": false,
"coolRelativeTemp": 40,
"heatRelativeTemp": 40,
"isTemperatureAbsolute": true,
"dutyCyclePercentage": 255,
"fanMinOnTime": 0,
"occupiedSensorActive": false,
"unoccupiedSensorActive": false,
"drRampUpTemp": 0,
"drRampUpTime": 3600,
"linkRef": "",
"holdClimateRef": ""

To validate that the ecobee server is getting anything I tried sending a invalid selection and got a valid error. However when sending an invalid function type I get the successful return.
Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong here?
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