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Get desired set temperature when in auto mode

How can I determine the desired set temperature value when the thermostat is in auto mode? I see there is desiredHeat and desiredCool under runtime. However I need one value that the thermostat is targeting. Is this possible to determine when the thermostat is in auto mode?
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    In Example 5 (, there is a discussion which includes

    "It is good practice to set the heat and cool hold temperatures to be the same, if the thermostat is in either heat, cool, auxHeatOnly, or off mode. If the thermostat is in auto mode, an additional rule is required. The cool hold temperature must be greater than the heat hold temperature by at least the amount in the heatCoolMinDelta property, which can be found in Settings ."

    So you could determine which temperature is being targeted on the client with

    if mode is 'auto' then
    if actualTemperature > desiredCool then
    desiredTemperature = desiredCool
    else if actualTemperature < desiredHeat then
    desiredTemperature = desiredHeat
    # there is no desiredTemperature because actualTemperature is between setpoints
    else if mode is 'heat' or mode is 'auxHeatOnly' then
    desiredTemperature = desiredHeat
    else if mode is 'cool' then
    desiredTemperature = desiredCool
    # there is no desiredTemperature because the thermostat is off
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