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HomeKit app not recognizing main unit services

Dear support team,

I am the developer of the iOS HomeKit app LiVo, available on the App Store. Link:
I have contact to a user complaining, that he is not able to select characteristics of the ecobee main unit within my app, while the remote sensors are supported without problems.
I may have missed something in my implementation, so my question is, if you could provide me some additional information on the service and characteristics structures used in the HomeKit version of your device. I'm not able to check it further currently as I don't own this accessory. May be you have a HomeKit accessory simulator setup that I could use to see if I am missing something.
I would be glad to provide improved support of the ecobee 3 as I find it very nice. I'm thinking about providing some special widgets within LiVo for it.

Could you pls. help me further?

Thank you very much in advance!

Dr.-Ing. Arno Pernozzoli
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