How do we set things up such that the "registered" or "managementSet" Selection Object works?

We're trying to test through the beta site.

We want to call GET Thermostats (/thermostat) without listing out all of our thermostats' IDs. How do we set things up such that the "registered" or "managementSet" Selection Object works?

In case this helps, we were told by Ecobee to use OAuth to register users. Then, apparently we "can then use the Utility API (with the utility API credentials) to register this particular thermostat with the Utility (I.e. Add to the utility portal, and move the thermostat to the appropriate folder)". Is this how we set up devices so that we can access them with the "registered" or "managementSet" selection object?
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  • Hello Josh,

    If you are a utility partner, then your ecobee Account Manager needs to configure your Utility account along with your Utility specific API credentials. This applies to beta as well. It sounds like this hasn't happened, so I would suggest that you reconnect with your account manager and have them set this up for you. They will walk you through the Utility portal, its concepts, and how to configure a thermostat hierarchy, which will correspond to the 'managementSets' you will manage via the API. They will also provide you the documentation on how to access the API via the Utility API credentials.

    This section of our documentation clarifies the different API account types This will help you better understand the usages, and limitations, of the various selection types allowed

    The 'registered' selection can only be used if you are accessing a SmartAccount, and you will only be able to do this if you have been granted access to the users account via the OAuth process ( using AuthorizationCode ( or PIN ( If you are using the specific Access token, for the user's account, then you will be alble to use this type of selection to get all thermostats owned by the user.

    The managementSet selection, would only apply to your Utility account and would be used to access the thermostat folder hierarchy that you will have created there.
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