How to turn fan off?

Hi, i was looking for a way to turn on and off the fan. I have read previous questions about this topic in this forum, but the answers only show how to turn it on, not off.

To turn the fan on, I create a hold, and set "fan:on". This is working correctly.

If the fan is on, and the user wants to turn it off, I find no way to do that. The only setting available is create a hold with "fan:auto" which does not necessarily turn the fan on. (the docs show only two values possible for fan: on or auto -

This was escalated from a user of my app that does not have heating or cooling in the house so only uses fan on/off. This customer is able to turn fan on/off from the web and the device, but I have not found a documented way to turn off the fan.

Thank you
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