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Ifttt to switch fan on/auto in response to a low/high humidity levels

Hi! I might be in the wrong place but I hope someone can help. I have low humidity levels in my apartment during the winter, so I purchased humidifiers to help. I was amazed to find out that I could turn them on/off with a wemo switch in response to a low/high humidity with ifttt and ecobee3. It has helped marginally, but these don't seem to help much if the air isn't moving.

I would think that an applet action to override or switch the fans on/auto in response to a low/high humidity level would be easier than programming an ecobee option. But I'm not a programmer or developer so I wouldn't know. Tell me what you think. I might be wrong or this might not be doable at all. I look forward to the community responses. Thank you
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