Is there a way to get the current hvacMode value from the api?

I can see that there's an hvacMode history in the Extended Runtime object but I can't see anywhere in the basic Runtime object that shows the current hvacMode (to show, for example, whether the furnace is running).

I'm sure I'm missing something here but can't find the info. Clues?


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  • Hi Scott,

    The ExtendedRuntime covers the exact same time interval as the Runtime object. Hence there is no reason to have the hvacMode in the Runtime. The Runtime provides some basic data on the last 15 minute interval received from the thermostat, while the ExtendedRuntime provides more details for the same 15 minute interval. As such, the latest hvacMode you get from the Extended runtime is the last state of running equipment that the thermostat has reported.

    Hope this helps clarify things.
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