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Make Smart home/away 2 hour interval programmable

Hey Ecobee devs,

I would like to have my ecobee to override the default 2hour limit to sense occupancy or unoccupancy to be programmable, for ex. if I am out of my geofence and ecobee is set to away mode, but if it detects motion as my wife and child will be home. For now smart home will be initiated if it detects motion continuously for 2 hours but I would like to change that to 10 mins.

Can someone please look at this request, to me it seems make a private setting to be public to be used by consumer, but I will let you guys figure this out.

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  • I’m frustrated that this smart feature is not smart at all ...
    ... or make it, at least, more intelligent.

    If I'm at home, I am at home ... no need to wait 2 hours to confirm it. The 2 hours makes sense for tagging me as away though ...

    Occupancy is a "fact" (when it sees movement, it sees it). Inoccupancy is more obscure because lack of movement doesn't always mean you are not there

    Being away needs more delay because you might be in the living room for a while and not have walked in front of a sensor for a while ...

    Being home is quite obvious. if you have walked a few times in front of a sensors, it's clear you are there!
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  • Until then ... I need to deactivate the "Away" setting schedules. Rendering my ecobee3 quite non-smart !!!

    Because, waiting 2 hours for the system to detect someone is home is way too long. The house has time to cool down too much and people feel uncomfortable.
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