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Meter Report returns nothing if interval Specified

We are using the Get Meter Report for some of the Zigbee enabled thermostats that we have and we are running into an issue when we specify a time interval as outlined in the documentation. If the startInterval is 0 we will get all time periods for the date specified regardless of the endInterval we put.

For example If I include a startInterval of 0 and an endInterval of 10 and my start and end dates are 8/15/2016 then I receive the full days meter report.

If I set the startInterval to 1 and the endInterval to 10 then I will get nothing back.

Here is an example call that I am using:

The response is

"reportList": [
"thermostatIdentifier": "XXXXXX",
"meterList": [
"meterType": "energy",
"columns": "date,time,tier,energyConsumption",
"data": [
"status": {
"code": 0,
"message": ""

A call with the same serial number and the endInterval set to 0 returns a list of values for the full day.

The start and end intervals are also not returned in the response as described in the API documentation. This worked fine with the runtime reports and we were hoping for similar functionality with the meter report.
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