Missing Thermostats on GET List Demand Response

I'm currently not receiving any thermostats off of the request "GET List Demand Response". We have a process that runs while Demand Response Events are staged to pull all of the information around the Demand Response. It will then log all of the thermostats associated to this event. After the event is complete, a sweeper will go through each thermostat tied to this event and pull a runtime report to ensure they participated in the full event. I have tested this API call in the past, and it has worked as expected, but it doesn't seem to be working now. Currently I'm getting back an empty set of thermostats though there are about 20-40 in each event (2 events with empty thermostat sets). I'm guessing there will be no way to resolve this event, but I would like a solution for future ones. The event is currently staged to complete a 5pm, and I cannot pull expired events.

When I log into the portal, I can see all of the thermostats are participating in the event. I am using the following url "https://api.ecobee.com/1/demandRespon..." (left decoded for ease of reading). Is there something special that needs to be set up on the DR event to make the associated thermostats come back on the API? Does this API not behave as I am expecting (in the object DR, property thermostats [type: String[] Description: The list of thermostats associated with this DR.])?

Note: I did not schedule the DR event, I am simply pulling the data around it.

If having the reference number would help, please let me know.
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