More robust multi-family interface?

Property manager here, and former multi-family building efficiency executive.

I've just implemented two Ecobee3's to run each of two single-stage oil boiler zones of an 8-unit building. This system is by FAR the easiest to install and operate, and seems to be the most perfect solution. Based on my conversations with support, I'm not quite large enough to benefit from the EMS.

Given that heating oil is my biggest expense, which is typical, I would love to see a more robust interface that provides boiler run-time and analytics.

Further, while "linking" is great and a step towards my goals, I think it would be great to see an option in the app (mobile or both) that recognizes that these thermostats are in the same building, and provides a snapshot of the status as a whole.

OR, maybe I should have just sprung for the EMS?
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