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Need account details for an app store approval process


I made an app for my Fitbit versa, it just shows sensor data from all thermostats and sensors associated to one's ecobee account. I submitted it to the fitbit app store but it got rejected as I didn't supply ecobee credentials for them to try the app with, and apparently no one there has an ecobee or is willing to use their personal account to try out my app.

I'm just one person making a little app against my own personal ecobee. I don't want to give them my ecobee account for obvious reasons. Do demo accounts exist? Or can one be created?

I've so far tried:,, and all of the moderators at /r/ecobee to get this resolved. support@ send me here and the other two avenues are blackholes. Without any account information to give to the fitbit app store folks they're never going to approve it.

If anyone has a fitbit versa or ionic and wants to try my app here's a private link:
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