New User Hello - And a few issues I have with my Ecobee

Want to start off by saying hello everyone. I have been an Ecobee user for the past year starting with a homekit compatible device in my new condo. I want to say it is an exceptional thermostat, far better then the rest out there as far as I can see.

I am by trade a firmware developer who has worked on many similar type devices and thought I might provide a few issues I have had from my unit in hopes of finding support to make some changes I feel are necessary for it to be truly great.

- There is no way for me to advance the schedule to sleep or wake on Siri 'good night' and 'good morning'. my schedule is not always the same and i find my self in bed or awake outside of the normal schedule and should expect ecobee to advance its schedule to meet my situation when i tell siri i am going to bed or waking up. currently there is not enough exposed control through Home app to even setup an action trigger to make this happen. When I try changing the temp by sliding the control from Home it doesn't even override the temperature (even though it says it does the thermostat still targets it's scheduled temp). I put this first because it is the most important feature I should expect to see soon.

- I have the base unit set to 'resume on next scheduled change' from any 'and hold' type operation yet 3 days later I notice it is still holding onto a 'i'm home' command i gave it. for example i was wondering why it was so hot at night trying to sleep the past 2 days. Bug?

- Overriding the schedule behavior for example 'home and hold' seems to be averaging my 'away' sensor settings instead of using the 'home' settings. It isn't even blending out of those settings over say a half hour but continues on the 'away' sensor settings forever. I would like to add that when I override a setting I expect it to immediately use the new setting sensor values and not take it's time to ramp the changes. It seems to love ramping changes which at best leaves me in the wrong state for at least a half hour on either side of a schedule change. It is ok to just switch over hard since that is what I told it to do.
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