Not able to set my humidifier to a target humidity level


I'm trying to control my humidifier and increase the indoor humidity via the ecobee API by sending the following request:

"selection": {
"selectionType": "thermostats",
"selectionMatch": "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
"thermostat": {
"settings": {
"humidifierMode": "auto",
"humidity": "32",
"dehumidifierMode": "off",
"fanMinOnTime": "0",
"condensationAvoid": "false"

But, every time, it sets my humidifier in FrostControl mode although I explicitly said not to do it, and does not start my humidifier as requested.

I think that there must be a problem with the APIs...Is there anybody else who reported this kind of problem or it's specific to my thermostat (Smart-02).

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