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I’m frustrated

Relative temperature incorrect for demand response api


We are testing the api to submit Demand responses and when we submit a demand response that sets a relative temperature, the value we set is not being use. For example, if I make the following call

"selection": {
"message":"This is a DR!",
"event": {
"dutyCyclePercentage" : 100

In the portal it shows 'Relative Temp:: C: 1° / H:1°' and when the event actually kicks off it will only raise the temperature by 1 degree. We had submitted other tests, no matter what we change the coolRelativeTemp value to, it ends up doing making no change to the termostat or it ups it by 1 degree. It really seemed random on what it would actually do.

However, if we schedule everything with the portal it works fine but is not ideal for our situation.

Is there an issue with our api call or is this a bug in the system?
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