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Remote EcoBee Reboot

Is it possible to remotely reboot an EcoBee using the API or by any other means?
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  • > using the API

    I'm pretty sure not.

    > any other means

    This may not be suitable and is not advice, but just a question: If a properly licensed and certified person put a remotely controllable normally closed relay inline with the "C" wire, one could cause the thermostat to lose power, and then toggle the relay some seconds later to restart it. There could be a suitable Z-Wave relay on the market, for example.

    But why would you want to do that?
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    • Need a remote reboot
    • Yes needs a remote reboot. Would settle for an auto reboot every 24 hrs in the middle of the night. Ecobee crashes at worst times - like when I’m out of town for a week and wife is home!
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