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Retrieving actual setpoint during smartAway

Hi All,

We are trying to return the cooling setpoint during a smartAway event. In the event block in get_thermostat, we see the following:

[{u'startDate': u'2017-06-01', u'drRampUpTemp': 0, u'endDate': u'2017-06-01', u'vent': u'off', u'isHeatOff': False, u'coolHoldTemp': 650, u'ventilatorMinOnTime': 20, u'linkRef': u'', u'drRampUpTime': 3600, u'isTemperatureAbsolute': False, u'isTemperatureRelative': True, u'dutyCyclePercentage': 255, u'isOccupied': False, u'heatRelativeTemp': 40, u'coolRelativeTemp': 40, u'unoccupiedSensorActive': False, u'type': u'autoAway', u'fanMinOnTime': 0, u'isOptional': True, u'running': True, u'fan': u'auto', u'startTime': u'13:51:56', u'occupiedSensorActive': False, u'holdClimateRef': u'', u'isCoolOff': False, u'name': u'smartAway', u'heatHoldTemp': 450, u'endTime': u'23:30:00'}]

What is weird to us is that the coolHoldTemp is 65 degrees. That is the device's coolSetPointLow, not the Away setpoint. Where does coolHoldTemp come from? How can we get the setpoint actually showing up on the device? In this case the runtime report confirmed that the thermostat was really showing 80 degrees at the time.

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