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runtimeReport - accurarately pulling multiple requests

How do I pull runtimeReport's with a specific date range? I am trying to pull two years worth of thermostat data for a given thermostat ID. I know I have to break down the date range in to 31 day increments and make multiple requests, but the start and end dates are not lining up across calls.

When I pull from 10-1-2015 to 10-31-2015 (startinterval = 0, endinterval = 287) the 31 day response ends with "2015-10-31,19:50:00". The next request, with a start date of 11/1/2015, does not start at "2015-10-31,19:55:00". It starts at "2015-10-31,20:00:00", leaving me a gap of 5 minutes. Any help? Do I need to overlap the days and weed out the duplicates later?

I understand that the returned value is the thermostat datetime, not the date of data collection.
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