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Update failed due to a communication error

Greetings, I'm working on an Ecobee to MQTT bridge for a personal project that I also wrote an Ecobee API client library for in .NET.

Two things:

1. .NET or your servers handles Expect: 100-continue incorrectly. .NET automatically applies this to HttpClient requests, but your server seems to always respond with an (HTML) error about only Expect: 100-continue being supported... which is odd given thats what its sending, but whatever, just a heads up. There's a trick to get around it, but it's an annoying global setting that means any library for .NET at least is going to have to impose that limitation for all users of that library for all HTTP calls... I know it's specific, but if there's a way to correct this without hampering your other clients it would be cool.

2. All of my GET requests work fine, but my POST request to update desiredFanMode that Im using for testing is always failing with status 3, Update failed due to a communication error. I have no other information past this point, and I'm at a loss for where to go next. Thoughts?
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