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Use outside temperature source other than the weather data

I am surprised that this is not already an Idea in here - I have found so many other people complaining about it on the internet. I frequently have issues with the outside temperature that the ecobee is using from internet sources being incorrect. We live in an area just full of micro-climates and have found no source with which we can regularly get accurate data that matches our home. We are often 10 degrees off from our most nearby weather sources. Obviously, this causes the system to run our heat pump for hours when it shouldn't. This, in turn, causes the temp in the house to get even lower, so that when the aux heat kicks in, it has to use more heating fuel to get us back up to the proper interior temperature.

Then, going the opposite direction, when the aux heat is running and the outdoor temps start rising - it will ofter run aux heat longer than it should before switching back over to the heat pump. The whole idea of this smart thermostat is to help save money... this issue wastes money and stresses the system running the heat pump when it isn't capable of producing heat.

Being able to choose a source for outside temperature - like from our own weather station that uploads weather data to online sources like weather underground, or other similar API based systems. Or, directly from our own sensors via the network. For instance - an now this tie into this other Idea I posted earlier ( It would be easy to add MQTT publishing to the ecobee thermostat - and in this particular case - allowing subscribing to an MQTT broker as well - where our own temp sensor could publish the outside temperature to the MQTT broker on our network allowing the ecobee to instantly receive the actual, accurate, outside temperature.

This would save money, wear and tear on the HVAC system, make the home more comfortable, etc... I have asked ecobee about this (as well as many others I have run across) for this feature (another outside temp source) for years with no action.

I have only recently learned about MQTT brokers/clients and this would offer a perfect means to implement this option while making it a much more versatile smart thermostat for use with home automation systems all at the same time.
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