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What would be the best way to force my AC to run a set duty cycle?

I have a 2 story home with 2 separate air conditioners, and have 2 Ecobee3 thermostats. I would like to set them up so that both systems work together as "partners" to balance load. I would also like to be able to force them to both run for some number of minutes per hour, even if the indoor temperature is below the target temperature.

I was hoping to see a setting somewhere that would allow me to specify a minimum compressor run minutes, or something, similar to the settings available for minimum fan run minutes and minimum ventilator run minutes.

Since that parameter doesn't seem to exist, I'm trying to implement it some other way. My current approach is to run scripts from a scheduler to change the thermostat temperatures via CURL (i.e. cool to 60F for 15 minutes, cool to 90F for 45 minutes), but I'm hoping there is a better way.

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