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Wireless diconnections - 4-way handshake timeouts

Frequent wireless disconnects on both my ecobee 3's.

Captures during this period indicate 4-way handshake timeouts. Closer inspection shows that the ecobee wireless client is ACK'ing message-1 from the AP, but I *never* see the EAPOL Message-2 from the ecobee to the AP and thus causing a timeout and a subsequent deauth by the AP.

In my early searches, there appears to be a fairly large number of people that are having wireless connection issues, and it's very likely that this is the issue.

Going into the ecobee3 menu and simply telling it to connect to the wifi by specifying the SSID and having it use the already saved PSK, it successfully connects...every time I try that this. At some random point though, one or both ecobee's will lose their connection and as far as I can tell, won't be able to re-associate again until I intervene as described above.
I've even greatly relaxed the WPA2 handshake timeout parameters on my APs to account for maybe the ecobee just being a slow talking/responder. Even allowing for up to 1000ms, the ecobee's are unable to reconnect on their own after they've lost their connection and get into this state.

There's clearly an issue with the ecobee3 wireless client.
I can supply wireless captures if needed.
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