Appery DB and Oracle RESTFul services


I'm trying to link my App to a website. The website is linked to Oracle DB. As users expect to see the same data in their website and App accounts, I need to link Oracle DB to my App. I went through your REST tutorials and one of them about linking the App to Parse DB which is I think was the closest tutorial relevant to my topci. I have a couple of questions though and I would deeply appreciate your help in this regard:

1) Which method is correct, a) linking Appery DB to Oracle DB and perform some kind of synchronization with any update in any of them b) linking the App directly to Oracle DB using Oracle RESTFul services? In the latest case, I expect that all what I need is the URL's for Oracle tables.

2) In case both are correct, which one is recommended from Appery point of view?

3) In case (a) is correct and/or recommended, what is the recommended method of keep both Appery DB and Oracle DB synchronized?

4) Is there any specific tutorial you advise to refer to other than those I mentioned above?

Many thanks for your help.
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