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Appery Developers Needed


We've been successful with our Appery development practice - and we are having such a good time - it's contagious with our Customers.

As such - We're looking for a few good men / women that are extremely well versed in Appery development and are interested in taking on some additional work at 'offshore' rates.....

- Must know jQuery development platform
- Well versed in the Appery IDE
- UI development
- Leveraging CSS inside of Appery
- Understand / have an opinion on when to use Appery server scripts v. Appery API express v. Outside API Calls.
- Understand how to call an API from inside Appery / Server Scripts / API Express.
- Be well versed in creating Server Scripts
- Understand good coding practices / able to follow coding standards (ours).
- Know advanced features of Appery and how to make the platform do exactly what users require.
- English speaking (1st Language or extremely conversant well versed in English)
- Understand how to estimate your deliverables / assignments - and work against them.
- Willing to learn JIRA if you don't already have experience with it - to manage tasks and delivery.
- Can work remotely - understand Skype and work with it and other collaboration products.

- Driven
- Inquisitive learner (no matter what age)
- Willing to work toward deadlines and deliverables - and not just hourly

- You'll be a part of a great team that's delivering real product to real users that use our products every day.
- Guaranteed - you'll learn more than you teach - and you'll teach us a lot!
- We're growing - come grow with us.
- Interesting work for interesting companies.

Email me a resume (**on my profile at upper left) - if this sounds interesting....

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