Appery, mongodb, and geopoint database query based searching.....

Mongodb supports out of the box querying a database with a geopoint field and related index on that field to get documents in the db that are within a specified radius.

This approach is attractive as it is low overhead and high performance query that can be used with us or worldwide apps that require mapping capabilities .... Like my golf app.

However, I've tried to create an appropriate index using the appery database UI ... And it appears to fall short ( you can't specify 2d or 2d spatial like to documentation says)... And a query to mongodb spec .... Fails with a db error of 1785 I believe in the app builder database source.

1. Has anyone tried this? Can it be done? ( use the built in mongodb features to query for points within a radius ).

2. If it can be done .... How?

3. There is a mapping tutorial as part of the product, it ses a low performant approach that utilizes a custom code appraoch that would require repeatedly querying a 200,000 to 500,000 row collection in a very high demand application .... Everytime my app needed to find a series of geolocations a in a radius ....which would be about 5 times every second....

Can anyone help ? Another approach ? The right way to use the mongodb query engine when doing a radius search ? A different library ? Use a different relational or other db ?

Thnaks !
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