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Appery is a fantastic platform

I can't recommend Appery enough. It's not only a fantastic first step for those who are totally newbie to app development, but also for those that have absolutely no experience in programming. Their friendly wysiwyg interface and their tutorials and docs make it pretty simple to have a working app on a matter of minutes. Once you have a first app, it suffices to follow the documentation in order to master more advanced features.

In addition, the possibility of adding Javascript allows experienced developers to create more complex apps.

Last but not least, Appery offers fantastic support, with a team of employees ready to answer any questions and solve any issues. No matter the time of day you post a question, in a matter of hours (or less) there will be some helpful Appery employee answering. Their great support really makes a difference, because it gurantees that if I happen to get stuck on a project, there will be a support team willing to get my project running.

Congratulations and acknowledgments for your great job.
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