Auto looping grid - how to access components?

I have a single line grid which uses auto-looping to pull data from the database and list it on screen, automatically resizing based on number of items returned. I then have a set of buttons and input fields in the grid, which replicate with the looping. This is fine, but I'm not sure how to then access any components which have been generated by the auto-looping as I don't know what their names will be.

For example, I have a button in the grid which has an associated click event, populating an input 'time' field with a default time. The first row works fine, but when I press the button in any of the auto-generated grid rows, it defaults the FIRST row time, not the generated row.

I think I'm missing something about how to reference/use components generated by the auto-looping functionality, so any pointers would be great please!
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