Barcode Scanning App Fails to Launch Camera

Hello Community,

I am a new user testing to see if it is appropriate to use for creating a barcode scanning app. However, after following the steps jQuery Mobile App instructions at (as well as using the Ionic App instructions at and even the database sample app instructions at, all of them fail to scan or even open the Camera. I am using the Tester App ( on the App Store. I am testing on an iPhone 8 and an iPad 9.7-Inch 6th Gen (Wi-Fi/Cellular) 32. Both are running IOS 11.4. I am also using an iPhone 6S Running IOS 9. The result is the same on all. It never tries to launch the camera and never even asks for permission to use the camera. I noticed that all of the tutorials, are quite old. Has something changed in the latest versions that I need to know about?
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