I’m well beyond frustrated

Barcode Service Failed!


The barcode service in my app stopped working recently for no apparent reason.

The barcode service still works fine in the tester app, which probably rules out the device, however after building and installing the apk, the barcode service fails.

I deleted the barcode service and reinstalled it, however it fails again after the new build.

I went through this same process weeks ago when the camera service stopped working, once again for no apparent reason. Your support was unable to resolve the camera issue so I finally gave up and removed the camera service.

The barcode service is essential to my app. This service has worked properly since I began working on my app months ago. Now, here I am again with another service failing, mysteriously failing after the build process.

Except for the barcode function, my app is ready to publish. I need to avoid the same fiasco as with the camera service and get the barcode service working again.

Please advise.

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