Can someone help me with connecting through the bluetoothSerial Cordova plugin?

We have tried to follow the documentation and every tutorial we could find, but still have had no luck connecting to an HC-05 bluetooth through the bluetoothSerial Cordova plugin.

The plugin uploads fine into the resources tab.

We followed every limited suggestion on the Appery forum without luck. We've tried to initialize the bluetooth connection (to a known bluetooth serial even) through the DeviceReady event as suggested in the forum, but still no luck.

Could someone please help us with what we need to write into the DeviceReady event to properly initialize the connection to the bluetooth?

The rest with bluetoothSerial.write() etc seems fairly straightforward.

The bluetooth definitely is wired properly on the arduino end because it can for sure send and receive data without issue with other devices/test apps.

Thank you in advance!
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