I’m confused

Can't get app to run on iphone.


I've created an app using appery and it's working great on Android - however I can't get it to work on an Iphone.

I have created an Apple membership, etc - got the certificate and provisioning profile and set up push notifications - all for release/distribution.

However when I try and get it to run on an Iphone it wont work - I could get it to run using the appery tester app, but nor from the ipa.

I haven't got a mac so its a little hard to debug - however I did download some software , 'iPhone Configuration Utility', which gave me a bit more information.

I recieved the error message :

'could not install application on device. Error. A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found'.

I'm really stuck now and have no idea why its not working - maybe I missed some properties on either the appery or the apple side - any help would be greatly appreciated.


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