Can't send email with built-in mailer of my Android device after platform update.

Hello Appery Team!
After platform update sending e-mail with built-in device mailer does not work for me. I have a form on the screen, with text field (called 'feedbackSubject'), text area (called 'feedbackMessage') and submit button (called 'feedbackSubmitBtn').

I have a button click event with the following code:

var link = ""+Appery('feedbackSubject').val()+"&body="+Appery('feedbackMessage').val();
alert(link); /* this works fine, link is built correctly */; /* this works while testing, but fails on Android device*/

The problem is, before update I could click button and get default mailing app opened with new message pre-filled with subject and text from my app.

Now after update I can't see my texts are copied into default mailer app on my Android device. Still, web-based testing works fine and openes my new message in my Gmail with subject and body copied from the app.

What might went wrong? Please advise.
My app name is "MBACard" and it is already shared with appery support email address.

I read through this topic ( but no luck. SendGrid API is not an option in this project also.

Thank you in advance!
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