Change background color of list

I am unable to change the background color of list. This is what i gave based on the help doc ( -

.listClass li a{

and assigned this class name to my List component. However it doesnt take this value and takes the default theme's color.
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  • Hi,

    You can change the color of any item through this way :

    1- Go to the UI Builder --> Create New --> CSS
    2- Add a CSS class in the blank file , for example :


    3-Select the desired item ( here the list ), in the properties go down to Class Name and type the name of the class you wrote in the CSS class ( here : listClass )

    4- Under Create New Button, Select Source, open the Web_Resources Folder, then (pageName.Js) and open it

    5- Navigate to the lines that say :

    // On Load
    var Screen1_onLoad = function()

    6- Add the following line before the " };" sign :

    Apperyio('NAME_OF_COMPONENT').css('background-color', 'transparent');

    7- Save.

    8- Voila ;)

    Hope this helps :)
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