Clone and drag/drop table elements doesnt work.

Clone and drag/drop table elements doesnt work.
If You clone say a label in a table cell you cannot drag the cloned item easily to another blank cell.
Use case: Create a table with 10 rows and 2 columns. Add some labels into the cells in column 1 for say 4 rows. Now clone the label in cell 2 - it appears next to the original label. Now try and drag/drop the cloned label to the cell in row 10.
On my app as I start to drag the label cant be seen but in fact it's somewhere outside on the table and within some other container/element. You have to drag up towards the top of the screen and it's almost impossible to drop the label into the required cell.

Also, the same happens if you try and drag a label or other component from the palette to the table (in my app).

One solution would be to have a "cog" icon (but only a paste option) in the empty cell so that instead of drag/drop you could copy and then paste the item (see my other "idea" post.
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