Component's "visibitiy" attribute

Would be useful to have a "visibility" default property for the components that can be set through editor (e.g. to have a component invisible at the beginning and turn it on through an event).
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  • Max Katz (Official Rep) May 31, 2011 19:25
    You can get this functionality today with events. Here are the steps:

    1. Drag and drop any component on the page

    2. Select the screen (or just click any where in the screen), switch to Events tab

    3. Add Load event

    4. Add Set Property action

    5. For Component Name, select the component which you want to hide. Note: it's name can be changed in properties

    6. For Property Name select Visible

    7. For Value, select False

    8. Click OK

    9. Open the page in a web browser, the component should now be hidden

    You can add another control to make the component above visible by adding on click event and changing the 'visible' property on the component to true.

    Let me know if this works...
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