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Connecting To MyIntervals using REST. Getting a 400 bad request error


I am trying to set up a Rest service and I can not get a successful test. This is a with a 3rd party project management software vendor I use called MyIntervals. Their api documentation is here and looks pretty simple: http://www.myintervals.com/api/introd...

I have already asked them for help and their suggestion have not worked for me yet so I am hoping you can help!

URL: which is https://api.myintervals.com
Method: (GET)
Data type: json

Intervals said:

"A header named "Accept", needs to be sent. It's value will be "application/json" if using json from above. This will instruct the API to respond with JSON format so it coincides with the tiggzi API.

Authorization is handled by sending a header called "Authorization" with the value "token:X" where token is your API token encoded in base 64. ":X" is just placeholder for a password but we don't use that so disregard it."

I have added those parameters and values and tried my token in both the base 64 encoded version and without. All I get is "400 bad request".

Can someone please tell me what I might be doing wrong?


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