content are not scrolled in the iphone7 in ionic3?

After generating the ios build i have scrolling issue in the in iphone7 device but in the another ios devices scrolling working properly but in the iphone7 scroll not working and screen is freezed idon't understand what the problem behind that.i have tried below but not working for me:-

.scrolling-content {
overflow-y: scroll;
-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

When I do this it seems to slow the scrolling on mobile specifically iOS devices?
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  • Hello Kapil,

    We would need to test it on our side, could you please enable the sharing for this project with support and tell us the name of the App.
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    • Sorry, I'm not sure I understand you correctly -- is this App is created in If yes, just send us project GUID at
    • ok sir thanks.sir i found 1 solution from github but i am not undestand how to use it.sir it is possible for you to helping me to understand below code,actually i will not show script folder in our project stracture that is mentioned below solution ?

      Github link: check @kevinmerckx answer sir:

      We use a script hook to remove those CSS lines. We use after_prepare because it will be ran after run, build etc.. Here is how we did:

      In your config.xml

      Our clean-ios-css.js code looks like:

      const fs = require('fs');
      const tasks = [{
      file: 'platforms/ios/www/build/main.css',
      toRemove: ':active,:focus{outline:0}'
      }, {
      file: 'platforms/ios/www/build/main.css',
      toRemove: `:focus,
      :active {
      outline: none;
      }, {
      file: 'www/build/main.css',
      toRemove: `:focus,
      :active {
      outline: none;

      function clean() {
      console.log('clean-ios-css: Cleaning starts');
      tasks.forEach(task => {
      if (!fs.existsSync(task.file)) {
      const data = fs.readFileSync(task.file, 'utf8');
      const result = '/* cleaned by clean-ios-css hook */' + data.replace(new RegExp(task.toRemove, 'g'), '');
      fs.writeFileSync(task.file, result, 'utf8');
      console.log('clean-ios-css: Cleaning done');

      module.exports = function(context) {
      const deferral = context.requireCordovaModule('q').defer();

      setTimeout(() => {
      }, 0);

      return deferral.promise;
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