Count how many times clicked on button

I need to somehow count number of clicks on one button in my application. Does somebody know how to do that? Can You explain me steps because I'm new on
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  • Hello Leo,

    1. Please, create a database collection for that number, e.g. "myCollection"

    2. Add a column (e.g. with a name "myNumber") with a type = number in that collection

    3. Create a row in that collection and save it's ID (will be used in the next step)

    4. Create a Server Code, for that counting and click it on the click event:

    var dbId = "516fb7c3e4b040d8f16ccf9a";
    var collectionName = "myCollection";

    var result = Collection.multiUpdateObject(dbId, collectionName, '{_id: "5a453864a428937aa5fcb100"}', null,{
    "$inc": {"myNumber": 1}

    Please replace dbId value to your database ID
    collection "myCollection" to your collection with the number of clicks
    and "5a453864a428937aa5fcb100" with the row Row ID from the step #3
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