Creating a Favorite's List

I currently have a list that displays items from a database collection [Search by City Page]. When a user clicks on one of the items in the list it navigates to a different page that shows the item’s details [Property Details Page]. The Property Details Page is set for Mapping on Page show event and the info is mapped from local storage to the page components. This is working successfully. The user register/login feature is also working successfully.

I am attempting to create a new feature on the Property Details Page where there is a button that when clicked, saves to a local storage variable (myProperties) and adds the item’s details to a new page “My Properties” (Favorites). Therefore, a user can then access the “My Properties” (Favorites) page and see a clickable list of the items he or she saved instead of the full list of items from the Main Page.

Many of the examples I have seen from similar topics reference having the add to favorites button within the list items. I want to go one step further and have the add to favorites button on the property details page of the list items as shown in the example screenshots.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

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