Creating PlayBook application?

Dear Tiggzi,

I would like to create a Playbook application that I would be exporting as an Android .APK and submitting to Blackberry World.

I'm thinking of doing the following steps:

1 - Create Mobile App "Blank iPad App"
2 - Change "Default Screen Size" to 1024 X 600
3 - Export application as Android .APK and submit that file to Blackberry world

Do you think these steps are correct for a Playbook application?

Also, when I tried to preview a sample application on my playbook with the steps above I could see the black borders around the application so it didn't fit the whole screen as I expected. Would these borders disappear once it is a native application installed on the Playbook? Am I seeing the black borders because it is a preview running in the Playbook browser?

Basically I want my application to take the whole screen on my Playbook and I believe that setting the screen size to 1024 x 600 will do that, please confirm.


Alberto da Silva
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