Custom sound not playing for IOS push notifications

I'm trying to get the custom sound working in IOS push notifications. The pushes are working just fine, but it's stuck on the default sound no matter what I do. Here's what I've done:

1) Created an IOS compatible format sound file via this command line:
afconvert Knock.wav knock4.caf -d ima4 -f caff -v

2) Upload knock4.caf to the 'www' folder in the source of my app.

3) Rebuild the IOS binary distribution and load it on my phone.

4) In the Settings tab for Push Notifications, 'Sounds is checked.

4) And finally, in the Send push notification tab, for sound file, I select custom and specify knock4.caf.

This seems like a pretty simple thing to do, but for some reason, it only plays the default sound. What am I missing here? Has anyone gotten this to work?
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